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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sissy Maid in service.

An early attempt... seams not straight!

The first dress I ever bought, when I decided to move on from corset, lingerie and heels, was a PVC maid's uniform. It was a logical development for me - my first purchases after all had been all black, corset, bra, gaffe, stockings, heels. With the donning of the uniform, however, comes a change in the mind; suddenly one is submissive, respectful, formal, controlled. Suddenly there are rules of behaviour, a new method of moving, curtseys to be practised endlessly, an almost obsessive concern for the straightness of seams, the smoothness and naturalness of the curtsey of respect.

I had no one to control me, or give me orders but I made sure I listed them for myself to follow. And I worked on all aspects of my maid's duties. Though I am my mentor's special sissy I have yet to act as his maid. I also long for service to a Mistress, feeling sure that a woman will be infinitely more demanding in terms of a maid's aptitude for service

Service is a must for a sissy maid, otherwise it really is all just dressing up. Service brings notions of dominance and submission into play, hence the collar in this picture.

But having the uniform, demeanor, performance of duties subject to intense scrutiny by a demanding Master or Mistress has a profound psychological impact on this sissy's mind. Unfortunately, as I have said, it is for the moment only in the mind...

This has not stopped me developing my wardrobe along these lines. I have a very pretty pink maid's uniform - quite plain; and also my favourite sissy dress, full of ruffles and lace, is also effective as a maid's uniform. But as the maid is under orders I feel a uniform can be quite kinky and fetishistic - hence the PVC uniform I own. I have also just ordered a rubber maid's uniform - with a rubber bra and a rubber girdle, rubber stockings. I'll pst some pictures when it arrives!

Then I know I will not be content but must have a taffeta uniform and a satin one. All I need is the trainer to complete this for me!!!!

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