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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Keeping up appearances

Should this...

ever be seen as this?

I ask because a man whom I have connected with online and chatted to on a number of occasions is soon passing through Berlin. He will be here for only one night and has a number of engagements but he would like to meet me, nonetheless. For all sorts of reasons, I would be unable to see him while dressed as Nancy. He does not mind as we have made a good 'mental' connection and is quite happy to see me as I am - male.

It is a question I have faced a number of times before. When I think about it I realise that only two people have seen me both as Nancy and as a man. They were both crossdressers themselves. I find that easier to go with. Otherwise every 'admirer' I have been with has only seen me as Nancy and this is a situation I am keen to maintain for the most part.

I feel I am essentially ME both as Nancy and as a man - though undoubtedly my behaviour changes when I am Nancy. Could I meet him dressed as a man but projecting more of the sissy side of myself? Or would this be confusing?!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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