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Friday, November 20, 2009

A meeting

Yesterday I met up with a cross-dresser - English - who lives in Berlin.

It was interesting and sexy but also confusing for me!

Usually, when I dress and meet, I meet with a guy, an admirer of t girls. Then I know what I must do! I set out to seduce him, to exploit femininity with a difference... Most of the admirers I meet are straight guys so I set myself the task of offering more than their wives might offer. Being a biological man, I believe I understand men and their needs, or at least I have some insight into their minds. These men tend to love all the retro fashions that modern women have abandoned. A lot of women's clothing from the 1950s, for example - but also clearly going back centuries in one form or another, especially lingerie - is restrictive and cumbersome, revolving around corsets, suspender belts, seamed stockings. This type of clothing is something that attracts a lot of t girls and their admirers. Personally, I love the whole ritual of dressing and the fumbling with suspenders, making sure seams are straight, trying to get the corset as tight as it will possibly go...

So I try to present ultra femininity to these guys, to address their sexual fantasies of what a woman should be. Of course there are a huge amount of variants within this - some guys like a t girl to have huge boobs, others prefer no false boobs at all. But generally, when I meet a guy who is an admirer of t girls, I get a 'handle' on him pretty soon.

Yesterday, the problem was that I was meeting a cd, and someone who was fundamentally the same person when he dressed as he was before. I think it is good to retain a sense of self, no matter what one does and even though I love to be extravagantly sissy, in little girl dresses etc, I believe that I am not acting but rather tapping into another version of myself. That pink pansy is still me. However, when I dress, my mind changes and from that my physical behaviour.

Had my new friend 'changed' his mentality as well as his clothes... well I think that it might have been interesting as a lesbian scenario.  But he stayed the same and so then did I - feeling inhibited about becoming more femme though that was my goal. We were two blokes in women's clothes, getting it on.

Well, actually, this was a first for me! So, an experience and a good one.

We talked about some of these issues - actually, it was great just to talk so openly about wants and feelings and  attitudes as a t girl.

And the sex we had was fine. I just need to get my head around some gender issues and where exactly I am coming from.

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