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Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple daily pleasures

It is a matter of some regret that I, like so many others, can't dress when I feel like it owing to the pressures f everyday life. But I do think it is really important to find some way of constantly reminding yourself of your sissy status. Here is what I wear - or something very like it - on a daily basis under street clothes.

It mean sthat from neck to toe I am always aware of what I am wearing - with every step I feel the gentle tug on the straps, the sweet rise and fall of the stockings. As I say, a simple pleasure but a lovely one and it has the effect of constantly reminding me that I am a sissy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage girdle

Another little video...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


A little film I made for a sexy Master, showing me getting ready to serve as maid.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A sissy day

Nancy today.

I have just had a lovely sissy day! For the first time in ages I had no guests and was able to sleep in my silk nightie and then dress and put on some makeup when I got up.

I surfed the net, had a sexy cam chat with a very imaginative young man in NYC (something I do rarely but when one comes across a man who prefers mature gurls... I could not resist it!) I read a lot of t-girl stories on Fictionmania (so glad that is back again); searched for a sissy contract (could not find one - lots of sissy maid and sissy slave contracts out there but none that just concern behaviour as a sissy - I guess I'll have to write it myself). I also got to thinking...

So many of the stories and all the contracts I came across today feature men being feminized by women. As I wrote recently, my own little poll showed that a majority of sissies prefer to have sex with men - yet fiction on the subject is dominated by sissies interacting with women.

Anyway, I have been feeling recently that I should broaden my horizons a little. I have always been looking for cock, of course, and have recently been in contact with a few other sissies (and even had a few sex sessions with a few). but now I am thinking that I should really look for a woman to take me further in terms of realising myself fully as a sissy.

I am sure this will not be as easy as it sounds - after all, I will be competing for the attentions of that minority of women (surely it is a minority?) who actively love feminising men. I just feel I  I have so much to learn from a woman, in terms of feminine behaviour. And hopefully I still have a lot to offer - I am intelligent and experienced in service and obedience. It would be very good for me to give back something to the mighty Feminine that we sissies all adore!

New Year

Well we are now well into the New Year and it is perhaps a time to see if New Year's Resolutions have slipped or not.

Generally, I try not to make resolutions as they are all too often overturned and set aside all too quickly.

Also resolutions must be distinguished from dreams. I would love to see a lot more men this year and be a sissy for them, service them etc etc - but it won't happen unless I make it happen!

However, there have been some developments. I have plans to see a few sissies soon. I am so much into men that i never think of hanging out with other sissies.

Talking of men... my Dom wants me to have a piercing to mark me as his. What do you think of this (above) as a suggestion? The next stage after that, he says, is a contract between us, where I am bound to him as his sissy. 

He treads a fine line between being dominant and being a Master. i don't think he sees himself as a Master - just as a dominant male who knows what he wants and expects to get it from his sissy.

He it is who views me as a sissy. With other guys i am a cd. tv, t girl. With him i am his sissy. He encouraged me to explore that; he wants the ankle socks, the pink dresses etc.  When i write to him i use a ink sissy font. Through him, i discovered this side of myself. i like it all - love dressing in anything feminine; but particularly love being sissy - ultra-feminine. i don't think a lot of guys are into that - but contact me if you are ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am a little surprised by the results of the poll here. Of course, it is in no way definitive but... my experience has been that most TVS, CDs have been 'straight' and liked women sexually.

My own thinking is that if you wanna be a girl then you want a man. That is where I am coming from anyway. I want to dress as a slut, or sissy, or classy lady and service a guy. I am lucky to have found this but... a slut always wants more ;)