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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A sissy day

Nancy today.

I have just had a lovely sissy day! For the first time in ages I had no guests and was able to sleep in my silk nightie and then dress and put on some makeup when I got up.

I surfed the net, had a sexy cam chat with a very imaginative young man in NYC (something I do rarely but when one comes across a man who prefers mature gurls... I could not resist it!) I read a lot of t-girl stories on Fictionmania (so glad that is back again); searched for a sissy contract (could not find one - lots of sissy maid and sissy slave contracts out there but none that just concern behaviour as a sissy - I guess I'll have to write it myself). I also got to thinking...

So many of the stories and all the contracts I came across today feature men being feminized by women. As I wrote recently, my own little poll showed that a majority of sissies prefer to have sex with men - yet fiction on the subject is dominated by sissies interacting with women.

Anyway, I have been feeling recently that I should broaden my horizons a little. I have always been looking for cock, of course, and have recently been in contact with a few other sissies (and even had a few sex sessions with a few). but now I am thinking that I should really look for a woman to take me further in terms of realising myself fully as a sissy.

I am sure this will not be as easy as it sounds - after all, I will be competing for the attentions of that minority of women (surely it is a minority?) who actively love feminising men. I just feel I  I have so much to learn from a woman, in terms of feminine behaviour. And hopefully I still have a lot to offer - I am intelligent and experienced in service and obedience. It would be very good for me to give back something to the mighty Feminine that we sissies all adore!

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  1. i'd love to watch you show off for me exclusively on cam.