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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year

Well we are now well into the New Year and it is perhaps a time to see if New Year's Resolutions have slipped or not.

Generally, I try not to make resolutions as they are all too often overturned and set aside all too quickly.

Also resolutions must be distinguished from dreams. I would love to see a lot more men this year and be a sissy for them, service them etc etc - but it won't happen unless I make it happen!

However, there have been some developments. I have plans to see a few sissies soon. I am so much into men that i never think of hanging out with other sissies.

Talking of men... my Dom wants me to have a piercing to mark me as his. What do you think of this (above) as a suggestion? The next stage after that, he says, is a contract between us, where I am bound to him as his sissy. 

He treads a fine line between being dominant and being a Master. i don't think he sees himself as a Master - just as a dominant male who knows what he wants and expects to get it from his sissy.

He it is who views me as a sissy. With other guys i am a cd. tv, t girl. With him i am his sissy. He encouraged me to explore that; he wants the ankle socks, the pink dresses etc.  When i write to him i use a ink sissy font. Through him, i discovered this side of myself. i like it all - love dressing in anything feminine; but particularly love being sissy - ultra-feminine. i don't think a lot of guys are into that - but contact me if you are ;)

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