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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sissies and Humiliation

For a lot of people, these two go together like a horse and carriage - but I am not so sure.

Many sissies do find being a sissy to be humiliating. Look, in particular, at the cartoons of Prissy's Sissies or the blog of Humiliated Transvestite ( This last has unfortunately not been updated since January, 2007. It makes for great reading and is often very funny. It is difficult to know to what extent it is intended to be an accurate portrayal of her feelings as she seems so torn by her sissy nature, albeit she voices this in a very sardonic way. Is the self-hatred true or assumed?

Forced feminization is perhaps the most obvious type of humiliation - though I suspect that no one is ever actually forced. But it remains a compelling fantasy for me as much as for others. In my fantasy life I enjoy the idea of being forced into deeper and deeper feminization, of every vestige of masculinity being removed. But the reality is that I love to lose this!

Other sissies rejoice in their sissiness and I am one of those. Of course I also crossdress and I am trying hard with regard to what I wear and how I do my makeup to see how 'passable' I can be. But this is only because I have found that not so many guys like an out and out sissy. I am fortunate to have found one, the guy who brought me out as a sissy. He only ever refers to me as sissy, rarely using my name, and he loves to write to me or talk to me as his 'sissy fairy' or 'little pansy'. And I know he does this not to belittle  me or humiliate me but as realistic terms of affection!

He encourages me to delight in being a sissy, prefers me to wear pink and use pink lipstick and eye shadow; he also loves to write 'sissy' on my body. Any other male sissy lovers around?

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