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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Passing' as a woman

Sometimes this seems to be the Holy Grail of being a t girl. Am I convincing? Can I pass? Can I go out on the streets and blend in?

Well, there are many answers to this. Go out looking like a street whore and you might just look like a street whore - or you might look like a guy trying to pass as a street whore. 

In a previous blog entry I recounted my short time on the streets of Berlin - 'dressed'. Well it was interesting because I was forcibly reminded that the way I like to dress - stockings, heels, suspender belt (not that it was seen) is actually not the way genetic girls choose to dress these days for the most part. So probably the best way to 'pass' is to be as anonymous as possbile and draw absolutely no attention to yourself.

I am thinking along these lines as a result of  something unusal happening to me just a few days ago. A male friend suggested I sign up for a site called Fubar. It is a kind of Facebook but jokier and more disposed to interaction.

Anyway, quite innocently I signed up as 'sissynancy' and stuck this photo there - 

As I was in a hurry I did not go into detailed description etc.

I was hit on pretty early on - by guys. I assumed that the name sissynancy would indicate pretty clearly just what kind of girl I am but it seems not!

One guy in particular was really hot... I reproduce his message to me:-

> pretty,hot,sexy,delicious,cute,elegant...
> you are 1 perfect lady...
> i hope you would like to chat with me sometime
> send me your yahoo id or add me please
> take care sweet lady and keep yourself always beautiful

Irresistible! So we 'met' on cam on yahoo and chatted nicely for 30 minutes or so. I always assumed he knew I was not a biological woman. He treated me as a lady but little by little the conversation became more 'sexual'.

Oh the ambiguity of language!

He thought he was working up to a vision of my female pussy - I thought I was working up to a display of my male clit.

Something began to suggest to me that he really did not know...

I became terribly bashful etc etc. He finally realised - said ' you have a cock?' and then disappeared after my answer.

I guess I should be pleased he was fooled for so long even if I did not mean to deceive. 

Very empowering for me even if it was a shock for him.

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