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Friday, November 18, 2011

Femme skin

When I dress and as I dress, I feel a change coming over me. Little by little my mind alters as my male persona slips away to be replaced by a female me. Without being conscious of 'acting', I feel myself becoming naturally feminine as my movements, tone of voice, mannerisms all change.

It is like discovering another skin - my femme skin.

Now, under instructions from blkice2u on this site, I have been led to a new awareness of my femme skin by adopting a certain ritual of dressing. In a sense, it consists in a sense of actually wearing a second skin - pantyhose.

I regularly wear pantyhose as a routine. Winters in Berlin are cold and pantyhose are an excellent item for staying warm. Otherwise they have not formed part of my erotic wardrobe. When I dress for a man, I prefer the sexier message that garter belt and stockings throw out.

Here is what blkice2u proposes.

While naked, take baby oil and cover the body sensually with it, taking time and enjoying the process. Then pull on the panty hose. I pull them very tight, right up to my nipples. Of course, they can be worn like this but CROTCHLESS are much more practical. When the pantyhose are stretched tight, take a pair of scissors and cut a hole for the femme cock. 

What needs saying here, that in addition to the ritualistic element here, which turns the mind towards the feminine, is the fact that the combination of pantyhose and baby oil sets off an electro-static reaction so that the body as a whole has an extraordinary sense of charged intensity. Performed regularly, this ritual sets off a Pavlovian dog reaction so that baby oil and pantyhose become synonymous with a feminine skin - the femme skin - so that a tgirl will feel even more feminine than before.

She then dresses as she normally would, putting stockings on over the pantyhose. A corset will hold the stretched upper part of the pantyhose in place.

A more feminine tgirl is born!

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