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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The burqa and the niqab

The world of veiled women in purdah has always interested me. I possess female Islamic clothing of my own. What better way is there for a tgirl to 'pass' as a woman than hidden behind a veil and the shapeless robes of burqa and niqab. Despite their seeming formlessness, there are many beautiful and striking examples of these clothes which grant anonymity and privacy and in a curious way liberate the wearer. 

Though not a Muslim myself, I have the greatest respect for this most beautiful of the three 'sister' religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and I do not wish to offend anyone by this fantasy of mine. I am beginning to fins there is a network of muslimah cd sisters who share this niche fantasy.


  1. I agree fully with you. I love to dress as a muslim woman and I find women in veil very attractive.


  2. I can definitely relate. I'm a cd myself and have been wearing niqab and burqa for several years now. But it annoys me that there's hardly any support for this really niche fetish - in a way I'm glad it isn't more popular because it makes it seem more cool + even so, I or others like me get policed by facebook...